Sunday, 18 August 2013

why'd you only call me when you're high?

Jacket Zara | Tunic Topshop | Boots Ebay - similar  | Necklace Topshop | Ring Camden

I'm sure everyone is sick to death of us Brits talking about our weather, but it really has been so hit and miss recently - hence the legs out arms away look. I love this tunic because it's long enough on my stumpy torso to almost be a dress (shorts underneath of course!). I can't imagine how it'd look on people with a normally proportioned body. The dip-hem adds a little something, infact I might wear it with heels on a night out.

colourful as ever


  1. Love the outfit! Just found your blog and I love you're style. New follower!

  2. Zara is amazing! I love it!

    Harian x.

  3. simple but awesome outfit! especially love the necklace <3

  4. Ah I love this outfit <3 It's so edgy! I love the high-low hem and the pointy necklace :)