Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Having A Monki Moment

Even though I am skint, I constantly find myself online shopping - adding things to my cart and then having to tear myself away from the website because I can't afford anything. Monki is a brand that I have never really looked at before, but my gosh am I glad that I came across it. My bank balance on the other hand may not be so glad. Sadly they only have a store in Carnaby Street, so browsing online is my only option. There are so many comfy/casual pieces that I want: baggy vests, oversized shirts, tshirt dresses... my perfect wardrobe.

These are my current favourite items that I have been 'adding to my cart'. They are gorgeous pieces and so affordable; I will definitely be hitting their website before checking out stores such as H&M. As soon as my wages go in that kaleidoscope dress will be mine! It's also the only store I have found that sells affordable lace traingle bras - items I am keen to start a collection of, as they look so cute under racer back tops.

Have you guys bought anything from Monki? What's your favourite online store discovery?


  1. Love those shoes!! New follower :) xx


  2. Those are some nice items! :)
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