Friday, 4 October 2013

R E V I E W | Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray

If any of you lovelies watched my Primark Haul video, you will have seen me explain that I would soon be doing a blog post on a product that had left my hair incredibly greasy... well, here I am now.
I received this as a freebie with my ELLE magazine a few months ago, and was so excited to use it for  two reasons : one being that I have always wanted to try B&B products, but could never justify the price. And two being that I have very thick hair, but only at my ends.. I really struggle to get volume into the roots and my hair ends up sticking out like a christmas tree!  So I had high hopes for this product, and expected it to do wonders for me.
I could not have been more wrong.
Initially I used this on my roots when my hair was dry, as I thought it was a hairspray. After realising this did nothing for me, I read the instructions on the bottle which state that this should be applied to damp hair before blowdrying. Now, at first I wasn't sure if this product was working because blowdrying my hair tends to give me thicker hair at the roots anyway.. However after a couple of hours post-blowdry I noticed that my hair went really limp, and looked awfully greasy! Please excuse these screenshots taken from the video - but as you can see, my hair looks so dirty!

If any of you know the correct way to use this, please let me know. I'm not willing to give up this easily on such a cult hair brand!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

C H A R I T Y S H O P | H A U L

One of the benefits of being based in Eastbourne is that the main residents are oldies and students, meaning that the charity shops are thriving businesses. My flatmate and I had the genius idea of exploiting this by buying items, and selling them on for more. Her approach is far more creative than mine, as she can instantly think of how to alter or customise any item, and is on the hunt for good brands. I on the other hand like to stick to what I think I know: the hipsters. Having dated one so called 'hipster' and being surrounded by them in sixth form I know what to buy and rebrand as 'vintage'. Here are my recent purchases that will soon be amongst the other 'vintage' treasures on eBay. 
h&m floral smock dress : I really want to keep this for myself, but I'm not sure whether I should keep it as a dress, or cut it into a cami. Any thoughts you guys have would be much appreciated!
knitted jumpers : the hipsters' staple item. Again, I really want to keep these as they'd look so cute with leggings in winter... but my business head (and my bank balance) are telling me to sell them.
arizona tshirt : 'vintage' american tshirt ;) I've already stitched the sleeves up and am planning to crop it. inspired by the £18 Rokit tops.
hugo boss jeans : I'm planning on selling these as they are, and then if that doesn't work I'll customise them into some shorts!
I also picked up a denim jacket for only £2 which I am currently trying to bleach in my bath.

Do you guys ever rummage in charity shops? I hope I have at least inspired some of you to have a look!